Silk-Reeling Energy [Ebook]


An ebook with more than 80 photos and detailed descriptions for developing one of the most important physical skills in the internal arts — Silk-Reeling Energy, also known as Chan Ssu Chin. You will receive a download link with your PayPal email confirmation.


More than 80 photos and detailed instruction for developing Silk-Reeling Energy — also known as Chan Ssu Jin — a key element of Tai Chi, Baguazhang, and Hsing-I Chuan, the internal arts of Chinese kung-fu. Unless you understand silk-reeling energy, you will not perform these arts at a high level. Silk-reeling energy is a spiraling movement that adds power to your movement. It is a physical skill — a specific way of moving the body — not mystical or metaphysical.

In this original edition of his ebook, Sifu Ken Gullette takes you through 18 exercises to help you unlock the movements that so few internal artists truly understand. This is a companion to Ken’s Silk-Reeling DVD. To understand silk-reeling energy, you must develop skill in five other key internal body mechanics — the ground path, peng jin, whole-body movement, Dan T’ien rotation, and opening/closing the kua.

The material in this ebook provides instruction and clear photos that will point you in the right direction. Ken learned many of these exercises and the principles behind them from Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, Chen Xiaoxing, and their students and disciples. Students are also urged to study the exercises contained in the Internal Strength DVD and Ebook (also found on this site).

You will receive a download link with your PayPal email confirmation.

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