Internal Strength [Ebook]


65 photos and detailed descriptions showing Sifu Ken Gullette teaching two of the most important body mechanics of the internal arts — establishing the ground path and peng jin. The perfect companion to the Internal Strength DVD. You will receive a download link with your PayPal email confirmation.


This ebook contains 65 photos and detailed descriptions to help you develop internal body mechanics for Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Bagua, the internal arts of Chinese kung-fu.

The internal arts are wrapped in mystery and often believed to help you develop mystical and metaphysical abilities. In reality, the internal arts are fighting arts, designed for self-defense and requiring unique body mechanics that enable you to display relaxed power.

These body mechanics — physical skills — give you internal strength, the quality that is sometimes described as “iron wrapped in cotton.”

This ebook, which is a companion to the DVD of the same name, teaches you exercises that help you establish and maintain the ground path, the first step in mastering the internal arts.

There are six primary physical skills required for high-quality internal kung-fu. The foundation of those skills are:

1. Establishing and maintaining the ground path at all times

2. Establishing and maintaining peng jin at all times

3. Whole-body movement – when one part moves, all parts move

4. Silk-Reeling Energy, the spiraling movement that gives your techniques added power

5. Dan T’ien rotation

6. Opening and closing the kua (the crease at the top of the legs at the groin).

The internal arts are very difficult, but they are based around these physical — NOT metaphysical — skills.  And you cannot gain these skills simply by doing “moving meditation.” To gain real skill in these arts, you must work hard. That’s why they call it kung-fu (gongfu), because kung-fu means “skill acquired through hard work.”

The 65 photos and descriptions in this book give you the foundation, the first two key skills that provide the foundation for the rest.

You will receive a download link with your PayPal email confirmation.

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