Internal Strength [DVD]


After studying this DVD, you will FINALLY understand some of the essential concepts and principles that give you “internal strength” for high-quality Tai Chi, Hsing-I or Bagua — the internal arts of Chinese kung-fu. These skills are physical, not mystical, and your teacher probably did not teach them to you. The DVD includes TWO HOURS and 10 MINUTES of detailed instruction that will change the way you practice — a MUST-HAVE for every serious student of the internal arts regardless of your teacher or your style. FREE SHIPPING worldwide and a Money-Back Guarantee if you are not happy with the DVD for any reason.


Internal Strength Skills — The “Secret” of Tai Chi, Xingyi and Bagua

What are the real skills that enable masters of Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Bagua to deliver powerful strikes and knock a man down — or knock him across a room — with very little apparent force?

The truth is that Tai Chi, Bagua and Hsing-I are built on physical skills that anyone can learn if they receive the right information and practice hard.

Sifu Ken Gullette has learned the body mechanics that make the internal arts such powerful martial arts, and he has learned these skills from masters such as Chen Xiaowang, Chen Xiaoxing, and their students and disciples.

This “Internal Strength” DVD provides TWO HOURS and 10 MINUTES of detailed instruction on crucial body mechanics and principles for quality Tai Chi (Taiji), Hsing-I (Xingyi) and Bagua. It contains a lot of information that most teachers do not teach. You will learn the skills you need to develop internal strength for tai chi, bagua, or hsing-i.

On this DVD, Ken breaks down the information you need in an easy-to-understand and practical way. The skills you’ll learn include:

  • How to establish the ground path, which must be maintained throughout every movement in the internal arts.
  • How to use peng jin with the ground path — without the ground and peng, your internal arts will be empty. These two things must be present at all times in your movement.
  • The basics of silk-reeling energy, which is actually a spiraling movement and a physical skill that must be practiced.
  • Whole-body movement — when one part moves, all parts move. Believe it or not, most internal artists do not practice this the way it is intended.
  • How to rotate the Dan T’ien, an important part of every movement.
  • How to open and close the kua.

You will learn two dozen exercises to help you develop these skills. PLUS, you will learn some of the most important internal principles, including:

  • Dropping, bouncing, and borrowing “energy.”
  • What the term “energy” really means.
  • How to maintain a “moving root” (maintaining the ground path while stepping).
  • …and much more that will help you FINALLY realize how internal arts masters can generate relaxed power.

The internal arts are martial arts. They were intended to be powerful fighting arts, but the body mechanics that give the arts relaxed power require a lot of work. Without these body mechanics, there will be no relaxed power. On this DVD, Sifu Gullette, who has learned from outstanding instructors including members of the Chen family, tries to teach in ways that other DVDs don’t.

There is FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE plus a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied.

BUY 2 AND GET 1 FREE! Make two purchases and get one single DVD free. Just make your purchases, then email Ken ( and tell him which single DVD you would like as your bonus DVD. 2-disc and 3-disc sets count as one purchase. Bonus DVD selection is limited to single discs, please.

What Martial Artists Say About the Internal Strength DVD

“Practicing principles that I wish I knew about when I started Taichi more than 12 years ago. Ken has explained the internal strength principles in plain English and illustrated them clearly in the video. There is no mysticism involved but clear body mechanics to train. Once the principles are understood, Taichi (or any internal arts) practice will become very meaningful and fulfilling.” – Lim Liau Yuan

“While I had spent many years in the martial arts with an emphasis on tai chi and bagua, my instructors either were not aware of the principles in this DVD, or only taught these principles indirectly. This DVD is a gold mine of information. It explains the concepts of ‘ground path’, peng, spiralling/silk-reeling, and full body motion in clear and concise terms. He gives solid non-mystical reasons behind the effectiveness of the body mechanics that he describes, and shows in great detail how to incorporate these concepts into your practice. I have many martial arts instructional videos in my library, and I can’t think of another DVD that has impacted my internal arts practice as much as the “Internal Strength” DVD. This DVD changed the way I did all of my internal martial arts forms. I could have saved literally months to years of hard work if I had known about the concepts explained in this video when I started my training.” — Evan Yeung

Clip from “Internal Strength” DVD


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