Hsing-I Fist Postures (Xingyi) [DVD]


Make sure you have a strong foundation when learning the art of Hsing-I Chuan (Xingyiquan). This DVD includes one hour of top-quality instruction on the Hsing-I Five Fist Postures and the crucial San Ti stance. Sifu Ken Gullette teaches with an emphasis on internal body mechanics. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE — plus a Money-Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. Make 2 DVD purchases (2 or 3-disc sets count as one purchase) and receive a third single DVD free. Simply make your two purchases and email ken@internalfightingarts.com with your choice for your free bonus DVD.


This DVD will give you a solid foundation in the art of Hsing-I Chuan, also spelled Xingyquan. Sifu Ken Gullette teaches the San Ti stance and the Hsing-I Five Fist Postures, which include:

1. Pi Chuan (Splitting Palm)

2. Tsuan Chuan (Drilling Fist)

3. Peng Chuan (Crushing Fist)

4. Pao Chuan (Pounding or Exploding Fist)

5. Heng Chuan (Crossing Fist)

Go inside a class as Ken teaches the fist postures to beginning students. This approach helps you see and correct some of the mistakes made by students who are starting to learn the fist postures.

Hsing-I Chuan means “Mind Shape Boxing.” It is a powerful martial art that utilizes the relaxed power provided by internal body mechanics. Ken teaches each of the fist postures with an emphasis on the internal body mechanics. Ken and his students have won many tournaments, in both forms and fighting, using Xingyi.

The running time is one hour.

Watch this Clip from the Hsing-I Five Fist Postures DVD: