Hsing-I Shi Er Xing Form [DVD]


Two hours of instruction on an advanced Hsing-I form that combines the 12 animals. Sifu Ken Gullette teaches the form step-by-step with an emphasis on internal body mechanics, he coaches a student through the form, and he demonstrates and offers detailed instruction on 127 self-defense techniques from the form’s movements. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE — plus a Money-Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. Make 2 DVD purchases (2 or 3-disc sets count as one purchase) and receive a third single DVD free. Simply make your two purchases and email ken@internalfightingarts.com with your choice for your free bonus DVD.


Two hours of instruction on the Hsing-I Shi Er Xing form, an advanced form that combines the 12 animals of Hsing-I (also spelled “Xingyi”) — step-by-step instruction with an emphasis on internal body mechanics. “Shi Er Xing” means “12 Shapes,” representing the 12 animals. Movements from each of the 12 individual animal forms are combined with the Five Fist Postures in this long form.

Sifu Ken Gullette teaches clearly, stripping the mysticism out of this powerful martial art, focusing on the actual physical skills needed for quality Hsing-I. Also, Ken demonstrates and explains 127 self-defense applications from the form’s movements.

Shi Er Xing is great for practice, for demonstration, and Ken has won several tournament competitions with it. The DVD is only $19.99 with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world and a money-back guarantee if not satisfied for any reason.

Watch a Clip from the Shi Er Xing DVD: