Hsing-I Linking Form [DVD]


The Hsing-I Linking Form is called “Lien Huan Wu Hsing” and connects the Five Fist Postures into a short, powerful form. In this DVD, Sifu Ken Gullette teaches the form step-by-step, including internal body mechanics and self-defense applications. Running time is a little over one hour. You should be familiar with the Five Fist Postures before learning this form. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE — plus a Money-Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. Make 2 DVD purchases (2 or 3-disc sets count as one purchase) and receive a third single DVD free. Simply make your two purchases and email ken@internalfightingarts.com with your choice for your free bonus DVD.


This form links the Five Fist Postures, also called the “Five Elements” into a form called “Lien Huan Wu Hsing” (Linking the Five Elements). It is the first form taught to Xingyi students after they have practiced and developed proficiency at the fist postures.

The Linking form is a powerful series of movements that put the Five Fist Postures to work. Sifu Ken Gullette and his students have won many tournament competitions with this form.

Through this DVD, you will learn the form as Ken explains and demonstrates each movement, showing multiple angles and step-by-step instruction. Then Ken goes beyond the movements and explains the internal body mechanics that should be part of every movement.

PLUS there is a section demonstrating fighting applications of the form.

The DVD runs a little over one hour, but that hour is packed with valuable information that will elevate your Hsing-I skill.

Watch a Clip from the Hsing-I Linking Form DVD: