Hsing-I Fist Postures Fighting Applications [DVD]


This DVD contains two-and-a-half hours of instruction on the fighting applications of the Five Fist Postures of Hsing-I (also spelled Xingyi). Go inside a workshop by Sifu Ken Gullette and learn along with students as they practice a variety of powerful techniques that capture the essence of the fist postures. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE — plus a Money-Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. Make 2 DVD purchases (2 or 3-disc sets count as one purchase) and receive a third single DVD free. Simply make your two purchases and email ken@internalfightingarts.com with your choice for your free bonus DVD.


Hsing-I fist postures fighting applications are powerful and extremely practical. This DVD offers two-and-a-half hours of detailed instruction on the self-defense applications of Xingyi’s Five Fist Postures.

You will go into a workshop and learn along with Sifu Ken Gullette’s students. Each of the fist postures — Pi Chuan, Tsuan Chuan, Peng Chuan, Pao Chuan and Heng Chuan — are broken down to not only teach you the basic and obvious fighting techniques, but also techniques that are hidden inside the movements. You will learn hand strikes, punches, angles, joint locks, blocks, deflections, and much more — all with an emphasis on internal body mechanics.

When practicing the fist postures for self-defense, it is important to capture the essence of each fist posture — Splitting like an axe, drilling like a rush of water, a crushing punch, an exploding block and upward strike, and a crossing movement.

Ken shows a lot more than just techniques and movements. He teaches the body mechanics you need to know for high-quality internal kung-fu. By the time you get through with this DVD, you will know how to unlock the secrets of the fist postures. The techniques you will learn are real-life fighting applications for real-life self-defense.

As usual, Ken strips the mystical away and shows you the physical skills that represent the true nature of the internal martial arts.

Watch a Clip from the Hsing-I Fighting Applications of the Five Fist Postures DVD: