Chen Laojia Yilu Fighting Applications [DVD]


A 3-DVD set that teaches an amazing 400 self-defense applications from one Chen Taiji form — Laojia Yilu — including punches, hand strikes, kicks, joint locks (Chin-Na), sweeps, takedowns and throws — all taught by Sifu Ken Gullette with an emphasis on internal body mechanics. FREE SHIPPING worldwide and a Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. Make two purchases (this 3-disc set counts as one purchase) and you will receive one single DVD free as a bonus. Simply make your two purchases, then email and let us know which DVD you want as your free bonus.


A 3-DVD set that teaches an amazing 400 Chen Laojia Yilu fighting applications — yes, more than 400 self-defense applications from one Chen Taiji form — Laojia Yilu.

Laojia Yilu is the foundation of Chen Family Tai Chi (Taiji) with 75 movements. It gave birth to all other styles of Tai Chi, and you can see the movements of Chen style in the forms of other styles such as Yang, Wu, and Sun.

Sifu Ken Gullette has studied Laojia Yilu with Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing, and their students/disciples including Jim & Angela Crisgimagna and Mark Wasson. Ken explores fighting applications from the form including punches and hand strikes, kicks, joint-locks (Chin-Na), sweeps, takedowns and throws. Ken teaches everything with an emphasis on the internal body mechanics that give Taiji the reputation as “iron wrapped in cotton” — relaxed power and a deep “root.”

After studying these DVDs, you will see deeper into all Taiji forms, and will learn some of the secrets of decoding the self-defense techniques in any movement.

Taiji was created as a martial art. If you only learn it for health and meditation, you cannot possibly “know” the art. These DVDs will show you why one form such as Laojia Yilu is a complete fighting art all by itself.

Clip from Chen Tai Chi Fighting Applications 3-Disc Set