Chen Laojia Yilu DVDs


Complete, step-by-step instruction for the Chen Family Tai Chi form “Laojia Yilu,” also known as “Old Frame First Form,” taught by Sifu Ken Gullette from the instruction he received from Chen Xiaowang, Chen Xiaoxing, and their students/disciples.


Finally learn the Chen family tai chi Laojia Yilu form in rich detail that would normally take YEARS to learn from a classroom environment.

This DVD offers FIVE HOURS of instruction on two DVDs — step-by-step, detailed instruction of the complete Chen family Laojia Yilu form.

Sifu Ken Gullette learned Laojia Yilu directly from Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, his brother, Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing, and their disciples, including Jim and Angela Criscimagna and the late Mark Wasson.

The 75-movement Laojia Yilu form is the “essence” of Chen Taijiquan. As usual, Ken goes far beneath the surface, giving you much more than just multiple views of the movements.

The DVD includes:

  • Front and rear-view demonstrations of the complete form.
  • Step-by-step instruction in plain language that clearly explains each movement in a way that you have never heard before. You will have new insight into the structure and body mechanics of every movement in the form.
  • You will learn many mistakes to avoid as you watch Ken coach a student who is a beginner at Laojia Yilu. It is the next best thing to actually being in a class with Ken.
  • In-depth information with nothing held back.

Along the way, you will see a few fighting applications, too, but Ken explains and coaches you through six key body mechanics of the internal arts and how they are used in each movement. Those body mechanics include:

  • Establishing and maintaining the ground path
  • Maintaining “peng jin” at all times
  • Using whole-body movement — moving in a “connected” way
  • The spiraling power of Silk-Reeling energy
  • Opening and closing the kua
  • Rotating the Dan T’ien

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Also, if you buy two of Ken’s DVDs (two-disc and three-disc sets count as one purchase) you can select any single DVD as a free bonus. Just make your two purchases, then email Ken ( and let him know which bonus DVD you want.

What Tai Chi Students are Saying About Ken’s DVDs

“They are very very detailed. I find they are not only a true wealth of knowledge but they are actually inspirational.” — Bart Bisulca

“The DVDs are great! Demonstrations and explanations very clear and helpful. I feel that the form now flows more smoothly for me.” – Geoff Miller

“Your DVDs are making a very difficult form so much easier to learn.” — Michael Kennedy


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