About Ken Gullette

Ken Gullette with Bagua Elk Horn KnivesKen Gullette did not realize when he walked into his first martial arts class with Grandmaster Sin The in Lexington, Kentucky on September 20, 1973, that the martial arts would become an integral part of his life.

It was the height of the Bruce Lee craze. Ken had been mesmerized already by the Kung Fu TV show starring David Carradine. He loved the fight scenes but was also drawn to the morality of the Taoist/Zen philosophy of the show. Inspired by his cousin, Bobby, who was a Sin The student, and fired up after seeing Enter the Dragon, Ken enrolled in Shaolin-Do.

After graduating from Eastern Kentucky University, Ken began a career in radio news, then switched to TV in 1979. He loved all martial arts, and after earning a brown belt from Sin The, he studied Taekwondo with Roy Crawford and Randy Chambliss. By 1983, Ken was living and working in Cincinnati, where he trained briefly in Tien Shan Pai Kung-Fu with Karen Vaughn. Ken moved to Omaha as a news producer for KMTV in 1987 and was introduced to the internal arts by Sifu Phillip Starr and his Yi Li Chuan system, which included Yang Tai Chi, Hsing-I Chuan and Baguazhang. Ken earned a black sash in the system in 1997. Ken also worked out for two seasons with the Iowa State University Boxing Club under Coach Terry Dowd. Coach Dowd saw Ken practicing kung-fu in the gym while the Boxing Club was working out and invited Ken at age 39 to join them. The students “adopted” Ken and he worked out alongside them, egging them on to keep up with “the Old Man” and even got in the ring with them at practices during 1992 and 1993 seasons.

In the Eighties and Nineties, Ken competed in many martial arts tournaments. 1990, he won two national titles at the AAU Kung-Fu National Championships (for Tai Chi Forms and Weapons Forms). He also medaled in sparring, Hsing-I Forms and Bagua Forms, winning more medals than any other competitor. Ken and his students have won well over a hundred tournament competitions.

Ken Gullette Chen Xiaoxing

Ken Gullette practices Push Hands with Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing.

In 1997, Ken began teaching but realized there were holes in his curriculum and in his knowledge of the internal arts. Some online research led him to a discussion board with Chen Taiji instructors and students, including Mike Sigman, who used terms that Ken had never heard of — terms like “ground path” and “peng jin.” Ken began studying Sigman’s material. Members of the discussion board also recommended that Ken drive a couple of hours to meet Jim and Angela Criscimagna in Rockford, Illinois. He did, and within an hour of being introduced to the body mechanics of Chen Taiji by Jim & Angela, Ken “started over” in Taiji with Chen style. Jim and Angela introduced Ken to Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and Master Ren Guangyi, who they sponsored for workshops and private lessons. Ken has also studied with the late Mark Wasson, who introduced him to Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing and Chen Bing. Ken has also learned from Chen Zhiqiang and Chen Huixian, among others.

Ken Gullette Ren Guangyi Jim Criscimagna Angela Criscimagna

Ken with Master Ren Guangyi and Jim & Angela Criscimagna.

Ken’s videos, DVDs and ebooks are produced with one goal in mind — to go beneath the surface and not only teach the movement, but to explain the internal body mechanics and the self-defense applications for every movement, both empty-hand and weapons. His work has been praised by internal artists around the world. His customers and website members can be found from the United States to the United Kingdom, Europe, China, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, and all points in between.

Ken Gullette Trophies

Ken is a tournament champion, winning dozens of competitions in five different decades.

His teaching style is straight-forward, eliminating the mystical mumbo jumbo and focusing on the real body mechanics you need for quality internal arts. Plus, every movement is broken down to show it’s self-defense applications and the internal body mechanics that make the internal arts “iron wrapped in cotton.”

“You can do the internal arts as moving meditation if you want,” says Ken. “But they were designed as martial arts and they are very powerful when used in self-defense. I teach everything you need to do these arts for health and for self-defense. That’s the way they should be taught. When students only learn the health aspects, they are only learning part of the art. I don’t know how anyone could be satisfied with only partial knowledge.”

After working in news for 22 years, Ken went into media relations, PR and marketing. He was the Director of Media Relations for ACT, the college test company, and at the University of South Florida. He also handled communications for two nonprofits in the Quad Cities before “retiring” in 2013 to devote his attention full-time to the internal arts.

Ken is a teacher of the internal arts, not a master. His goal is to continue improving in his skills and to pass on what he learns to anyone who needs what he can give. Ken lives with his wife, Nancy, in Moline, Illinois. Nancy is the videographer for most of his videos and she is a tremendous supporter of his work. Between the two of them, they have three children and four grandchildren.

Besides DVDs, Ebooks and downloadable videos, Ken operates an online internal arts school where members stream nearly 700 video lessons 24 hours a day no matter where they are in the world. Check out the website at www.internalfightingarts.com. Click this link and try two weeks free! Ken offers a Money-Back Guarantee on all of his teaching materials.