A New Internal Fighting Arts Store

Ken Gullette 197541 years ago today, I enrolled in my first martial arts class. It was the height of the Bruce Lee craze, and I was a 20-year old kid when I walked into Grandmaster Sin The’s school in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky.

It was a Thursday evening but it was still daylight when the class started. Sin The’s school (“The” is pronounced “Tay”) was in a converted garage in a strip mall. “Karate” was such a popular fad, the door of the garage was raised that evening to accomodate the large number of students spilling out into the parking lot.

I wonder if any of those kids stayed with it. As you can tell, I did. The martial arts became such an important part of who I am that it is now impossible to think of stopping.

So it is fitting that I launch this new Internal Fighting Arts Store on this day — September 20, 2014. This site will eventually replace my old www.kungfu4u.com website, which until now has been devoted mainly to selling my DVDs teaching Chen Taiji, Xingyi and Bagua. My membership website, with nearly 700 streaming videos, is at www.internalfightingarts.com.

Ken Gullette Nancy Gullette

Ken and his wife Nancy in 2006.

The site you are on now — the “store” — drops the “s” from “fightingarts” and is simply www.internalfightingart.com. As we launch today, my DVDs and a few Ebooks are available for purchase here. Coming soon, there will also be downloadable videos for purchase and more Ebooks. As I produce more instructional DVDs, they will also be available here.

I studied different martial arts for a while before I found the internal arts in 1987. I am still a student. My goal has always been to actually teach valuable information in my DVDs, ebooks, and through my blog. I teach at my level, and if you can learn something from me (most people can) that’s great. I am still trying to improve my understanding and my skill. As I learn and grow, my goal is to pass along any insights I gain to those who can use them.